Dope Dinner Series, No. 7 | Fernet Branca

Jun 07, 2023Brian Hibbard

Our next Dope Dinner is approaching, so mark your calendars for Friday, June 16th! For this round we're changing things up a bit - we're going all spirits, cocktails, and vermouth in honor of Fratelli Branca's visit to the PNW.

Whether you've dipped your toes in this industry or not, Fernet Branca is probably no stranger to you. The timeless Italian Amaro is on every back bar, and has been sipped (or shot) by every industry worker as a deep tradition of camaraderie.

Joining in the fun, Nicola Olianas is coming straight from the distillery in Milan to hang with us ... okay, maybe a few other stops in the USA, nonetheless we're honored.

As the global ambassador for Fratelli Branca, Nicola spreads the gospel of amaro and vermouth to as many as possible. He globe-trots, showing off the portfolio line with tastings and masterclasses, and sharing the beautiful saga of Fratelli Branca. His incredible knack for connecting with all sorts of folks keeps him moving, engaging, and loved by all.

Nicola’s held the global brand ambassador role since 2010, and he actually lives at the Milan distillery. Literally, he lives and breathes Fernet-Branca. His passion for the brand keeps growing as he immerses himself in production, uncovers historical gems, and delves into the roots of this liquid wonder.

Katlin has crafted some killer cocktails utilizing the Branca labels, including Fernet, Carpano, Borghetti and Stravecchio, to name a few.

Ike, Inna, and McKayla have put some seriously Summer lovin’ dishes together that will make you swoon.

Feast your eyes on the goodness below.
*A little note - as much as we'd love to accommodate substitutions, our kitchen is tiny and we are only able to accommodate certain small omissions for dietary restriction needs. Please contact us here if you want to check-in about this if you have questions.

Want in? We’d so love to have you!

If it’s your first time attending a Dope Dinner, there are a few different seating options.

We setup a few communal tables along the banquette bench, this is for folks who love hanging out and meeting new people.

Window counter seats are especially nice for a little date night with just you and sweetie or bff.

Bar seating is also quite fun, and you’ll get some extra face-time with your favorite Field friends who’ll be taking care of you.

Hit one of these buttons to grab your tickets!
Bar Seats
Communal Table
+ Window Counter

FAQ Logistical Goodness

- The price is inclusive of the full dinner and beverage pairings.

- This price is before sales tax, which is 10.3% in Tacoma.

- We charge a 20% service charge in lieu of the traditional tip. This service charge assists us in paying our staff a consistent, thriving wage, as well as company benefits that contribute to a healthy life-work balance.

We're going to put together those cute two person tables and make communal tables of 6-8 people, and you may sit with some wonderful new friends! If that style doesn't sound like your jam, checkout the bar or window counter seats.

This event is non-refundable due to our very small space and planning purposes, BUT you may transfer them to some buddies if you are unable to attend at the last minute. Just shoot us a message and let us know who the lucky ones are!

The menu is set as-is and we are unable to make any large substitutions due to our size in staff and space.

We do truly love cooking for vegans and vegetarians, or folks with other preferences, and we would love if you would join us for dinner another night. We'll make you something beautiful!

Hit us up here before purchasing tickets to see if specific small omissions are possible! We'd be happy to accomodate if we're able.

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