Zweigelt Red Wine Vinegar (500ml)


Red -


Color: The vinegar is amber to copper in color with very subtle sediments, slight turbidity and a melting viscosity.

Nose: This Zweigelt vinegar has power. Aromas of sultanas, musty yellow apples, quince and hibiscus blossoms unite amicably yet loudly. These are joined by savoury notes of root vegetables such as carrots and sugar beet. Flavors of caramelized brown cane sugar, forest honey and marzipan form, completing, a harmonious harmony.

Palate: The Zweigelt red wine vinegar from Meinklang has with its 6% acidity immensely train on the palate. The vinegar, which Werner Michlits fermented and refined together with Alois Goelles, is fruity, powerful and slightly nutty in the aftertaste. It can be used wonderfully as a "fine-tuning ingredient" for typical Pannonian dishes, such as paprika-wine herb. Otherwise, it refines suitable vinaigrettes, such as a Zweigelt vinegar dressing for lamb's lettuce with potato brunoises, raspberries and roasted bacon.