Wonderfoam Cocktail Foamer (100ml)




Wonderfoam uses nature's secret foamer to create a thick and stable foam without the hassle of using egg white. This means it's quicker, easier, and more economical than ever to create frothy and textural cocktails; each bottle of Wonderfoam can make more than 500 drinks! It performs well in a wide range of pH environments and temperatures, opening up myriad opportunities for creativity.

Wonderfoam is made from the bark of the Chilean Quillaja saponaria tree which is sustainably sourced and naturally processed.

  • Gluten-free
  • GMO-free
  • Vegan

Great in cocktails, mocktails, coffee drinks, smoothies, and more!

How to Use:

Simply add 3–5 drops of Wonderfoam to your ingredients, depending on the size and style of the drink. Shake with ice for 12–15 seconds to create a thick and stable foam. This foam is perfect for stencilling with bitters to add both aroma and visual appeal.

When batching drinks with Wonderfoam, start with a baseline of 0.1% of the total volume, then add more if required—a little goes a long way!

Wonderfoam is a concentrated natural extract and as such should not be tasted by itself. It is designed to be mixed and diluted, imparting no perceptible flavour to the final drink. Store in a cool, dry place.