Jean-Yves Péron

La Grande Journée (2019)


2019 Orange - 750ml Bottle

Savoie, France

  • Altesse

Varietal: Altesse

Region: Chignin, Savoie, France

Soil: Clay & Limestone

Vinification/ Maturation/ Vineyard/ Winemaking Info Harvested by hand 2.5 months maceration Completely finishes malolactic with no SO2 added. The vines are high-density (10,000/hectare), single-staked goblet, very low to the ground and very low-yielding; their uniform southern exposure gives them the sun’s full benefit.

Aged sous voile = under a protective layer of veil-like yeast, similar to the Jura’s vin jaune, whence the name (“women’s petticoat”).

Completely natural - no additives, native yeast only, no SO2 before or during fermentation, no fining, no filtration.