Ghia Berry Apéritif (N/A)


- 500ml Bottle



All of the Spirit, None of the Booze.

Introducing Berry: our newest Apéritif, and our first foray into non-bitter drinks. Bold, juicy, and tantalizingly tart, it moves with you through the night. Like a drive through Sienna at Sunset, our newest aperitif will take you for a ride. Tannic, fruit-forward, but don’t call it a mocktail.

Spritz it for a dry Spritz ~ frizzante ~ with your favorite food, or pour over ice as a sweet nightcap.

Enjoy on its own, spritzed or in a cocktail of your choice, ideally with friends, and really good music. For recipe inspiration, here are a few.

Store alongside your other bar cart spirits. After opening, we recommend drinking within three weeks. Chill after opening for a longer lasting bottle, we like to sip ours chilled anyways.