Tiny Fish Co.

Spicy Jamaican Jerk Rockfish




Tiny Fish co. is a woman-owned business with a goal to inspire the canned fish industry by sharing products that are sustainable, flavorful and tell the fish’s story from water to tin. Chef Sara is focusing on the tiny fish from the Pacific Northwest and encouraging consumers to create environmentally conscious eating habits.


We've got Taco Tuesday to thank for this exciting, not-so-average tin of fish! 

When we grabbed for our pals' spicy Jamaican Jerk marinade to give our local rockfish an extra kick it was an immediate crowd pleaser.  Secret Aardvark's Jamaican Jerk marinade is, well, the secret to this spicy can of fish.  

Oregon rockfish is lightly smoked and then tinned with Aardvark's Secret Sauce - that's it!  We've been obsessed with using this tin to make the easiest and most delicious fish tacos!