Dope Dinner Series, No. 2 | Beauchamp Imports

Dope Dinner Series, No. 2 | Beauchamp Imports

Jun 17, 2022Brian Hibbard

We’re thrilled to host Joan Harkins, the owner of Beauchamp Imports, bringing some incredible French natty cider, Calvados, Cognac, and Armagnac stateside. I met Joan around this time last year during a mind-blowing tasting at Field during the bottle-shop only days. Her passion, warmth, and approach nearly brought me to tears and since then we’ve been dreaming up a coursed dinner together. And now it’s finally time!

Expect six courses of seasonal, super fresh and super fun food from our rad kitchen, paired with wild ciders and elegant brandies.

Please take a peek at the logistical notes below before booking! The menu will include meat, seafood, and vegetables, and we are unable to make substitutions due to our very small kitchen. If you have any questions, please first check the info at the bottom before purchasing tickets, or contact us here.


Reserve your seats!

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Window Counter Seats (Seats 2)


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