Makrut Lime Apéritif





Mommenpop Blood Orange is both refreshing and cozy, rich and vibrant. The backbone of flavor is characterized by a punch of pepper spice, hibiscus and liquid blood orange peel - with a subtle earthiness. What you might want to drink while you have fresh tomato sauce simmering on the stove and Miles Davis on vinyl.

Delicious pre-dinner while snacking on olives, during dinner with your favorite pasta dish and after-dinner with some salt-studded dark chocolate.

SMELLS LIKE // Hibiscus, burgundy peppercorn, baking spices

TASTES LIKE // Wild cherries, red berry compote, liquid blood orange peel.

PAIRS WITH // Olives, dark chocolate with sea salt, salami

DRINK BY ITSELF OR COMBINE WITH // Sparkling wine, gin, bourbon

COCKTAIL IDEAS // Incorporate into a Negroni, Americano or Manhattan